AHGImages & Marketing is Proud to Distribute Envision Environmental Education Products.

Envision is proud to provide the most advanced
visual simulators of groundwater flow available. Great for
educators, students, watershed organizations, drinking water suppliers, geologists, engineers and other groups involved
in training or educational outreach on groundwater issues.
The simulator is a hands-on visual aid that takes difficult
groundwater concepts and makes them understandable for
all ages. The simulator is appropriate for grade schools, high
schools and colleges as well as adult groups. It is an excellent
resource for schools using any water education curriculum.
Anyone with a general understanding of groundwater
can give a presentation with the simulator. For schools, the
instruction manual includes basic laboratory experiments to use
with the simulator.

All of our simulators are constructed of high quality acrylic, and are intended for many years of use. Our simulators are designed to demonstrate a complete water cycle, by recycling the water via a pump mechanism through the simulator. The water pump recharges the front aquifer compartment illustrating groundwater flow through the face of the model. The water then discharges to the stream/ocean, and then to a reservoir tank behind the aquifer compartment. The pump mechanism then returns the water to the recharge area again. This allows the user to avoid the difficulty of
emptying and refilling the simulator during or between presentations. During normal operations, the simulator may be used for 6 or more concurrent presentations before it is necessary to change the water. All simulators come with a training video, detailed instruction manual and accessories necessary for basic or in-depth presentations.

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Envision Groundwater Models are the Highest Quality, Most Advanced Educational models on the market today.

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