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Creative Labworks TEACHING TOOLS
Many of you have commented that you would like to see more classroom projects for the Groundwater Flow models, we have heard you.

Others have requested some economical options for classroom activities, crafts, and projects that could be used in outreach events, such as Earth Day Booths, Water Festival Events, as well as in Elementary Classrooms for Earth Day, Water Week and Water Education Days.
(well this page is just for you)

And for those of you that are just looking fgor a creative way to celebrate Groundhog's Day with a richer enthusiasm. We will have activities and projects for you as well.

Some of you are scratching your head and wondering WHY GROUNDHOG's Day? Because it is a Key Day in the development of Children, that's why! Ok, maybe you don't get it but you will. You see, Bob the Groundhog is our Company Spokesman, or Mascot , and what we have learned is that, as adults, we can go into a classroom and preach the gospel of Groundwater Protection, Pollution, Water Conservation etc, and we'll get about 70% of a class to follow us through the whole 20 minute presentation. Sure it goes better if we have a Groundwater model in the room, but who of us is willing to settle for 70% of a class following a presentation. WE want 100%. and with the assistance of Bob the Groundhog, we have found that Elementary kids will give BOB their full attention. So, when we realized that a room of Kindergarteners was so deeply impacted by a Groundhog, we decided that Groundhog's Day is worth celebrating - and teaching about Groundwater. We have turned Groundhog day into an environmental education day, and the teachers support our efforts. It's a fun way to Spring into the new year with fresh enthusiasm... and a little fun.
So we will be offering a few Groundhog activities here as well...
Because we can, and Because it's FUN!!!

ok, now that you are all excited...
hot and bothered,
and just plain curious...

Lots more coming for Creative Labworks, Inc..
We look forward to a BRIGHT and Exciting Year.
Check back, you won't be sorry.