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Creative Labworks HOT DEALS
This section of our website will offer anything that we consider to be a CLOSE OUT or HOT DEAL (anything of a significant pricing reduction).

For Example:

You will find some great pricing on Envision Groundwater Models. We'll be the first to tell you, the items on this page just don't quite make the cut for first quality products, however, if you are looking for an Envision Groundwater Model, and you cannot afford to purchase a model at the $1000+ price tag, you may be surprised to learn that you CAN purchase a model with cosmetic flaws for $400 - $900 depending upon the flaw. Most of the items have cosmetic only problems, Cracks and Leaks have been repaired. To see sell sheets with photos and pricing, Click Here - BLEMS

Once upon a time we were a distributor for some Fantastic Fluorescent Safety shirts. Before the company merged with another group, we acquired a bit of inventory. These Boxes of shirts have been sitting here WAY TOO LONG. And They are up for grabs. What we have is all we have and will get, so we want to sell them and fill the shelves with something else. If you are looking for safety shirts in Fluorescent Yellow and Orange, look no further. We have both Golf Style shirts as well as T shirts.

The Golf Style are True to Size
Th T-Shirts on the other hand run small, so on the T's order 1 size larger than you normally would. If you normally wear a Large, get the X-Large, it will fit better.