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Envision Frequently Asked Questions
Also Commonly Called a
and & Gravel Aquifer Model
What Parts & Accessories Come with the Model Kit?

Do the simulators arrive assembled? or Do I need to build it myself?

Can I get a copy of the manual?

Can I get a copy of the DVD Video?

I need more Dye, where do I buy dye?

Can I use Food Coloring in the Groundwater models?

General Flow Problems

Lake Problems

Syringe Pumping Assembly Problems

Siphon Bottle Problems

Hanging Pump Problems

Submersible Pump Problems

How do I Clean the Model?

How do I Prepare the Model for Storage?

Do you have curriculum for use of the groundwater model in the classroom?

Are there Classroom Experiments Available for use with the simulator?

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Leaking Model? What do I do if My Model Appears to be Leaking?

I do not have an Envision Model, will Envision Parts work with my model?

Do You Offer Refurbishing Service for Old Groundwater Simulators?

Have a Question but it's not listed here? Then Please send an Email by clicking on this link Send EMAIL QUESTION and we will answer it and post it on the next update of this FAQ Page. Thank you for using Our Envision Products. Our goal is to Provide the Best Quality Service for the Best Groundwater Education Tools on the Market - Ours. Ask Us, we'll Answer as quickly as possible. Again, Thank you for your support.

If you have a Tip you would like to share with other groundwater model users, please Send us an EMAIL or consider posting it to our Groundwater Blog. We appreciate input from the users of our products.

Other Questions:

I am looking for general information for education, can you recommend any other sites for Quality Educational Information?