The Envision E5100
- Karst & Cave Groundwater Simulator

Envision Environmental Education,LLC and Creative Labworks, Inc are proud to announce that we will be unveiling the new Envision Karst & Cave Bedrock Groundwater Simulator in the Fall of 2009. This Simulator will illustrate many of the key issues that affect areas with Karst & Cave geology.

We have had alot of interest in this product, and we acknowledge that there is a definite need for a groundwater simulator that addresses the special needs of Karst & Cave Geology and Groundwater education.

Due to the fact that Envision has a sincere desire to create the most professional, highest quality product possible, this product has been in development for quite some time. The desire to not only demonstrate "Real World" scenarios, but to demonstrate them accurately has been a challenge.

So after much time in testing and development, we are proud to announce that the time has arrived, and the product will be available in the Fall of 2009.

If you would like to be on the mailing/emailing list that will Formally Announce the Product's Actual Shipping Date, Please CLICK HERE to send an email with your address and we will be sure to include you in the mailing/email. Please designate your preference (mail or email) for receipt of the product specifications and materials.

Product Dimensions are 19/5" Long x 12" High x 8" Deep
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Local Phone: 724.652.2688 - Fax: 724.652.2689
Toll Free Phone: 877.804.1431
As with All Envision Simulators, the Karst & Cave Simulator will arrive fully assembled, and contain all parts and accessories necessary for immediate use.

The Product will come with Detailed instruction manual and Training Video on DVD
Intended Features of the Envision E5100

Caves/Caverns and sinkholes
-and affects of groundwater
Salt Water Intrusion
Brackish Water Marshlands
Confined Karst Aquifer
-Sand & Gravel Aquifer
-Pumping Wells
-Fresh Water Springs
The Envision E5100
Karst & Cave Groundwater Simulator
(Item # E5100)