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Envision 4100 Septic Flow System
Groundwater Simulator
Also Commonly Called a
and & Gravel Aquifer Model
Envision 4000 Series - Septic Flow System Aquifer Model
This simulator represents a cross-section of a conventional septic system found in many rural areas of the U.S. and Canada. Simulator design includes a septic tank with inlet pipe, outlet pipe to distribution box and leach bed. Dye can be introduced into the inlet pipe which fills the septic tank and liquid flows out into the perforated pipe and shos absorption into a gravel absorption field. In the septic Tank is a permanent "sludge" layer at the bottom and the liquid dye has a foaming agent that acts as a "scum" layer on top of the liquid in the Tank. the baffles in the tank function to keep the scum in the Tank and only the liquid discharges into the outlet pipe under normal operation conditions. On the left of the simulatior are 2 monitoring wells. Well #1 extends just below the water table and draws from the unconfined aquifer that receives the septic discharge. Well #2 extends below the clay layer (aquitard) into a confined aquifer that represents the local groundwater. Included in the accessories are 2 siphon bottle shat allow for continuous pumping (sampling) of the monitoring wells.

Model is 19.5 inches long x 12 inches high x 8 inches deep.

Parts and Accessories included in Envision 4000 Series Kits
- Hanging Aquarium Style Pump
- 2 Siphon Bottles
- Syringe Pumping Assembly (for high volume pumping of wells)
- Red Dye with Foaming Agent
- Foam Neutralizer
- Large Wash Bottle
- Flexible Drain Tubing
- Training Video on DVD and Detailed Instructional Manual
- Free Septic System Educational Packet

Each Envision Simulator is Shipped Fully Assembled and Tested.
Each kit includes all standard parts and accessories necessary to run the simulator. All you need to do is add water and electricity.
Kit also includes Training Video on DVD and Detailed Instruction Manual.