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Envision 3100 Sand & Gravel Bedrock/Karst
Groundwater Simulator
Also Commonly Called a
and & Gravel Aquifer Model
Envision 3000 Series - Bedrock/Karst Aquifer Model
This simulator shows all the key features of the Envision 2000 series models, with the added features of a bedrock aquifer. It shows groundwater flow and contamination in both unconfined and confined sand and gravel aquifers overlying cavernous limestone and fractured-bedrock aquifers. Presenters can easily compare and contrast the different flow patterns between the various types of aquifers. Tis simulator is particularly useful in areas where the local geology contains caves, sinkholes, fractured non-porous bedrock or has been extensively deep-mined.

Model is 19.5 inches long x 12 inches high x 8 inches deep.

Key Features of the Envision 2000 Series Models
- Sand & Gravel Aquifers
- Confined Bedrock Aquifer
- Cavernous Limestone/Karst Aquifer
- Unconfined Aquifer
- Aquitard
- Fractured Bedrock Aquifer
- 9 Wells (including 2 artesian wells)
- 2 Springs
- Lake
- Stream/Ocean
- Septic System
- Underground Storage Tank
- Recharge & Discharge Areas
- Recirculating Reservoir and Tank System
- Manual pumping mechanisms simulating high and low volume well pumps
- Top display showing watershed/surface activities
- AC/DC power supply

Each Envision Simulator is Shipped Fully Assembled and Tested.
Each kit includes all standard parts and accessories necessary to run the simulator. All you need to do is add water and electricity.
Kit also includes Training Video on DVD and Detailed Instruction Manual.