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About Creative Labworks, Inc.
A Little Information about Creative Labworks, Inc.

Once upon a time, we started out as AHGImages & Marketing, a Graphic Design and Marketing firm. Our goal was simple, produce high quality graphic products for our clients for a reasonable price; providing marketing consulting and support materials as well. We serviced business from various fields; physicians, orthodontists, chiropractors, massage therapists, florists, jewelers, retirement homes, churches, machine shops and print shops just to name a few.

As our clients came from various fields of business, we found that our business developed and evolved based upon client referrals within various industries. Over time, we found that we were working more and more for organizations that were affiliated with the water industry and environmental fields. And then we became associated with Envision Environmental Education, a small business such as ourselves that needed both graphics and marketing services.
Over the years, the two businesses have grown together and we became the main distributor of Envision Environmental Education products. Today, we sell approximately 95% of all Envision products sold, and we have taken our commitment to promote products from Envision (our sister-company) very seriously.

The more Envision products we sold, the more we found that our name and current image as a Graphics & Marketing firm was not ideal for promoting ourselves as the Main Distributor... Thus our recent name change.
We believe that the name Creative Labworks, Inc. is a good reflection of who we are, and where we are going. Envision has gone through a few transitions as well,in 2011, Envision Environmental Education became Envision It, Inc.

In 2011, both Envision It, Inc. and Creative Labworks, Inc. have moved to a new location in sunny Bessemer, PA. Being under the same roof, we work more seamlessly together, than ever before. And as we have found, we are capable processing orders more efficiently, as well as being capable of accomplishing more with the new larger space. Creative Labsworks has become more involved in the design and execution of Custom Groundwater Exhibits than ever before. We are actively involved in the asthetic process of creating the groundwater displays, creating signage, vinyl lettering and decorative details involved, so that the Envision Team can focus more on what they do best, creating the most professional, Technically Accurate Illustration tools on the market. The Envision Design Team is known for their attention to detail, perfecting the Function and Mechanical execution of complex geologic principles... making the complex appear to be an easily understood concept. A picture (or a model) is worth a thousand words as they say.

Back to our roots, so to speak

Graphic & Website Design projects are still welcome, Marketing Consulting projects are also welcome. We will not be discontinuing services. We have merely grown into a much bigger entity, and our menu of services has increased significantly. Over the coming year, we intend to market our new products and services with a fresh enthusiasm, knowing that Customer Service, paired with Quality Products & Services are what we are known for today. It's time to let the secret out, and advertise ourselves...for a change.

We look forward to new opportunities and endeavors as we expand and develop our new educational materials, classroom aides, and lab accessories; not to mention the games and fun products. (yes, we even have some games in the works). Yes, it appears that it's time to let the "cat out of the bag" so to speak.

Our website will be evolving over the next few months, the addition of our online store will assist our clients in more efficiently being able to price items and estimate shipping at their leasure. We will be adding more NEW products and services as soon as we can get the material online. We will also be posting blogs on current products, future products, and maybe even a few ridiculous fun ideas as well. Visit often, there will be alot to see before it's all done.

Did we mention that we will also be adding our Bargain Outlet to the site as well?
This will be a page to keep an eye on, we will be offering some discontinued or limited quantity items (considering our network, this could mean "JUST ABOUT ANYTHING") We have acquired and sold some interesting stuff over the years, toys, puzzles, board games, collectibles, Flourescent Safety shirts (
BRIGHTEST on the Market) to name a few.

The Bargain Outlet will also host some Envision Blems and Seconds, or old prototypes for purchase. If you have a tight budget and think maybe you can not afford an Envision Simulator for your organization or school... maybe you should check out the Bargain Outlet. The products may not "First Quality" however they do have alot to offer, for a little price.

ok, now that you are all excited...
hot and bothered,
and just plain curious...

Lots more coming for Creative Labworks, Inc..
We look forward to a BRIGHT and Exciting Year.
Check back, you won't be sorry.